Shaun Ryder has hinted he’s got huge surprise guests on his new album.

The Happy Mondays frontman used lockdown to finally complete work on ‘Visits From Future Technology’ – a record he started over a decade ago – and though he won’t reveal the identities of his collaborators, he claims fans will be “amazed” to realise who is playing on the LP.

He said: The management I had weren’t interested [in a new album] and no one would put it out, so it just got left.

“Then, during this COVID madness, it got rediscovered.

“I remembered what a great time we had making it and how good it was.

“You’d be amazed if you knew who was playing the saxophone, the drums and guitars, they’re that famous we’re not saying.

"So we played with it, touched it up and tickled it, brought a few new things out, and did some new vocals.”

The ‘Step On’ singer has also been busy lending his voice to other people’s music.

He said: “The amount of stuff I’ve f****** done from our house during the f****** COVID ... Tricky, one with Noel [Gallagher], Robbie Williams, Lee Perry, they’re all waiting to come out.”

And Shaun is also ready to work on a new Black Grape album, though he’s reluctant to commit to making new music with his other band, the Happy Mondays.

In an interview with MOJO magazine, he said: “I’m about to start doing a new Black Grape album too.

“But I won’t do another Happy Mondays album the way Paul Ryder or Gaz Whelan want to work, unless it gets done the way I wanna do it. Mark [Day] is a dream though.”