When it comes to the world of movies and their take on video games, the track record isn't a great one. We've seen many terrible video game adaptations come and go, but this year and those in the future seem to be doing their all to break that curse once and for all. 'Tomb Raider' drops in March, with 'Rampage' also coming a little later this year, and it was just revealed that there will be a new 'Super Mario' film coming our way at some point in the not too distant future.

Shawn Levy is set to direct the upcoming 'Uncharted' movieShawn Levy is set to direct the upcoming 'Uncharted' movie

One of the properties gamers have been most excited about seeing on the big screen however is Naughty Dog's 'Uncharted'. The four games put hero Nathan Drake front-and-centre, and that will be the case in the film adaptation. Rather than taking what's already gone down on PlayStation consoles and doing it all over again in live-action however, director Shawn Levy is going back to Drake's origins, with young actor Tom Holland in the role. Bryan Cranston is also rumoured to be joining the cast, but with production still not underway, nothing solid has been laid out in regards to his involvement.

So, with 'Uncharted' set to make a big screen impact, will it be a success? Naughty Dog's creative director Neil Druckmann certainly thinks there's every opportunity for it to do well.

Tom Holland will play Nathan Drake in the 'Uncharted' movieTom Holland will play Nathan Drake in the 'Uncharted' movie

Speaking at DICE Summit 2018 (via Screen Rant), the creative director seemed to give Levy's vision his stamp of approval: "The 'Uncharted' movie, yeah, we’ve had some conversations with Shawn Levy. And he’s really passionate, gets it, and I think he understands where we’re at. We’ve kind of evolved our feelings towards these kind of adaptations over the years. We used to just be excited, ‘Oh, my god, movies are looking at us. There could be an 'Uncharted' movie on the screen.’ And then as more time passes on, we’re not excited about a direct adaptation of the story we told, because we feel like we’ve already told that story very well, cinematically, so I don’t know what else you could bring to it... [Shawn Levy] wanting to tell a different story than the main four adventures – with potentially a young Nathan Drake, that fills in the gaps – I think is a lot more interesting than trying to retell Uncharted 1, 2, 3, and 4."

The cinematic sequences laden throughout the 'Uncharted' video games are undoubtedly some of the most action-packed and beautiful we've seen, so we can fully understand why Druckmann would want to see something completely different in cinemas. Otherwise, there'd be an opportunity for the original series of four games to become tainted if the film doesn't do too well. Doing things this way means that 'Uncharted' the movie can stand on its own, all whilst being allowed to become a part of the overriding narrative and franchise if it does make a positive impact.

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We'll bring you more news on the upcoming 'Uncharted' movie as and when we get it.