'Stranger Things' is without a doubt one of the most popular Netflix original shows of all time. Bringing the sci-fi genre back in time to the 80s and delivering a unique and compelling storyline throughout its two seasons to-date, the series has shown that there is still a lot of life in original narratives. All this whilst combining the story on screen with nostalgic references to the 80s.

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Netflix original series 'Stranger Things'Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Netflix original series 'Stranger Things'

Creators Ross and Matt Duffer have done a brilliant job with 'Stranger Things', and whilst they'll be returning for at least a third season on Netflix, not much has been revealed about what we should expect. We know the series' leads such as David Harbour, Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby Brown will all be making their return, but when it comes to actual narrative, everything's been kept closely guarded and under wraps.

One of the main things people are looking forward to finding out is whether there will be the inclusion of new bursts of evil throughout season 3, and now Shawn Levy has confirmed this will be the case.

Opening up just a little bit about what fans should expect from the show's third season, the producer told Glamour: "You might assume that but you would probably end up being wrong. We’re dealing with forces of evil that are new."

Whoever or whatever will provide the new "evil" described will join the ranks of iconic beasts from the Upside Down, such as the Mind-Flayer, Demogorgons and Demodogs that we've already met. Exactly how they'll play into the wider overarching narrative remains to be seen, but we're sure writers will be doing their best to ensure the series maintains its stellar ratings with viewers and critics.

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'Stranger Things' seasons 1-2 are available now on Netflix. We'll bring you more news on season 3 as and when we get it.