Shawn Mendes has "no idea" what his new album will sound like.

The 23-year-old singer has just released a new single, 'When You're Gone' but he's urged fans not to "worry" about the direction he'll take on the follow-up to 2020's 'Wonder' because he simply doesn't know until he starts working so doesn't want to offer any "false expectations" by talking about the record.

Discussing his next album, he told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I think people should just take it as it comes and not worry too much about what it will be. That’s what I’m trying to do, is not get caught up in what I should be and just be excited about what I am in the moment.

"I have no idea how music is gonna sound that I make a month from now versus today. I don’t wanna put any false expectations out there, so take it as it comes and I hope you enjoy it whatever it is. I’m definitely just trying to do whatever feels good and whatever feels authentic."

For the video to 'When You're Gone', Shawn performed the track to a crowd of fans, which was "really important" for him to do after COVID-19 forced such a long break from singing live.

He said: "I just wanted to get back to a place where people were feeling the musicianship of me. I feel so excited about tour, and I wanted that same excitement about tour to come across in this music video for people."

The 'Stitches' hitmaker is preparing to kick off his 'Wonder' world tour and he can't wait because performing live is one of his favourite things about his career.

He said: "Tour is this one half of the picture with my career and what I’m so in love with - it's touring and it's making music. When I’m left with just one, there’s always this feeling of just emptiness.

"When I got back on stage, I really felt like this hole was filled again. This was like, 'Oh, I forgot this was truly what I live for. This is something that makes me feel electric. This really is so special to me.' I’m just really excited for that to happen again, 'cause I think everybody needs that."

And Shawn loves the energy and "human experience" of concerts.

He said: "It's where it feels like you and 10,000 other people are all going through something similar at the same time.

"If you ever stand in an arena, you can just feel your energy rise and your heart start to beat faster."