Shay Mitchell is teaching her daughter she ''deserves to love and be loved without judgement''.

The 'Pretty Little Liars' star gave birth to her daughter Atlas eight months ago, and has said she's already started to teach the tot - whom she has with her partner Matte Babel - about activism and fighting for ''change''.

She said: ''We're reading books, one of her nighttime books is 'A Is for Activist'. We're starting her right now because I think it's so important to educate them at a young age so they know that truly no matter what you look like, you deserve to love and be loved without judgment, be all and end all and that's it.

''Especially coming from a mixed family herself. I hope it's in our generation and I really pray that it's in hers as well that there will be a huge change and I slowly see it right now.''

Shay is also getting a head start on teaching Atlas the importance of washing her hands, especially amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

She added: ''We have started already. It's part of her nighttime routine. She's touching everything, putting everything in her mouth, so you want to start them as early as possible. It's part of the time she goes to bed, we're like, 'It's time to wash your hands.' I sing 'Happy Birthday' twice over. I may or may not do a little dance, it's a whole routine, but she's certainly laughing the whole time, and it's definitely something she'll look back on, hopefully with fond memories.''

And because Atlas loves to copy her mother, the 31-year-old actress is doing what she can to set a good example.

She explained: ''So with her seeing that I'm doing it and she'll hopefully do it, so when the world opens back up and we go out, we know that they're continuing to do so.''

The 'You' actress admits her first year of parenting hasn't quite been what she was expecting, but is thankful she can spend time with her family amid the health crisis.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she said: ''Matt and I travel so often, being able to spend as much time as a family together with her at such an early age is incredible. However, there are obviously challenges because I wish my mom and my dad could be here, Matt's family, my grandma, obviously, I want her to have time with Atlas, so as soon as things hopefully open up and it's safe. I can't wait to go to Vancouver and bring her over there.''