Shay Mitchell thinks parenting is ''harder'' than ever amidst the current coronavirus pandemic.

The 'Pretty Little Liars' star - who has seven-month-old Atlas Noa with her partner Matte Babel - is urging moms to help each other out and ''share the love'' with the current health crisis.

She shared: ''Parenting is definitely hard even in the best of times, and especially right now. It's just really important that we help each other out, offer that extra encouragement and anybody can do that by using the #sharethelove hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. It's just kind of the perfect way to share some extra love on Mother's Day, not Mother's Day and everyday!''

Shay's best advice for new moms is not to compare their experiences to other's as everyone copes with motherhood differently and has also advised them to take things day by day.

She added: ''I would say the best advice is no two experiences are the same. So, you know, don't compare your experience or what you do with anybody else. We're all different and I think taking everything day by day is some of the best advice. I really lean onto that in any circumstance.''

And the 33-year-old actress wants to make sure she encourages her own daughter to have the confidence to do whatever she wants.

She told E! News: ''I would say just the confidence to know whatever she wants to do, she can do it. With hard work, dedication, passion, she can attain that. I just want her to feel incredibly independent and just confident with her decisions.''