Shay Mitchell uses a 24k gold boob mask as part of her 58-step beauty routine.

The 'Dollface' star has shared her extensive skincare regimen and it includes Booby Tape’s 24K Gold Breast Masks, which claim to "increase elasticity, firm wrinkles, brighten and repair.”

In an episode of Vogue's 'Beauty Secrets', the 34-year-old actress applied the masks to her breasts under her sheer black lacy dressing gown.

She said: “I also have a mask for my hoo-has.

“Your boobs need love too, especially if you’re going on an event and you have a low-cut dress."

The 'Pretty Little Liars' star also applies the La Mer Moisturising Cool Gel Cream, which has an eye-watering price tag of $350, to her chest.

Masks are a staple in Shay's routine, including everything from the affordable FlashPatch Hydrating Lip Gels ($15), to the $135 111SKIN Anti Blemish Bio Cellulose Facial Mask.

She said: “You’re going to see quite a few masks, and the reason why I like them is just because I feel like they’re very hydrating.

“I put them on I don’t have to think about it.”

And Shay loves scaring people in her masks.

She quipped: “I love the drama of it."

Meanwhile, the screen star previously revealed she used to struggle to find a foundation shade suitable for "darker complexions".

The 'Mother's Day' star would have no choice but to create her own "concoction" of dark and light colours to match her skin before make-up became more inclusive and diverse.

She said: "Back in the day, when I didn't have a choice, it was a little bit more difficult. I have a darker complexion, and I had trouble finding concealers and foundations that worked for me. I would make up my own concoction and take the dark-pigmented stuff and mix it with lighter ones to get my shade.

"Now there are more options, and I'm working with the best of the best, so I'm not scared to try new things."