Shay Mitchell has Troian Bellisario ''on speed dial'' for parenting tips.

The 33-year-old actress welcomed her first child, Atlas, with her partner Matte Babel in October last year, and has said she often calls on her 'Pretty Little Liars' co-star Troian - who became a mother for the first time a year before Shay when she welcomed daughter Aurora, now 20 months, with her husband Patrick J. Adams - whenever she needs motherhood advice.

Shay explained: ''It's just awesome getting advice from her. She's so incredible with everything that she does, but especially in the mother role, so, yeah, she's definitely somebody that I have on speed dial.''

And the Bèis Travel creator says Troian, 34, has taught her to follow her instincts when it comes to parenting.

She added: ''[She said to] go with your gut and to not pay attention to anything else. That's truly something that I live by. If it feels right, then that's what I do and I don't second guess myself.''

Shay and Troian are currently the only members of the main 'Pretty Little Liars' cast - which also included Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson - to have welcomed children, although 24-year-old Sasha Pieterse is currently expecting her first child with her husband Hudson Sheaffer.

But Shay says she hasn't shared any tips with Sasha because knows the beauty already ''has it covered''.

She said: ''[Sasha has] it covered. She's gonna be the best mom ever, but [if] she does have any questions or needs any tips or tricks, she knows who to call ... We're always here for her.''

And when it comes to her own tot, the 'You' alum says Atlas is a ''super happy'' baby.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, Shay said: ''She can sit up and she loves it. She's super happy, which is awesome. She's, like, always laughing to herself regardless of if we're making her laugh or not ... She's been a great little sleeper so far. Her personality is coming out.''