It’s off-season for the X Factor right now, which means that it’s about time for former contestants to announce exciting new endeavors. The latest finalist moving on with his breakaway career is Rhydian Roberts. The X Factor alum will release a new album –his fifth studio collection – on April 7, Digital Spy reports. The album, titled One Day Like This will be released by Futura Classics. Rhydian has worked with the Orchestra of St. John and producer Ben Robbins for the record.

Rhydian Roberts
Roberts will release his fifth album in April.

"This album has an epic feel," The classically trained vocalist said. "I wanted it to have that wide screen quality you get with the best movie soundtracks. Roberts describes the album as “mesmerising and inspiring, full of passion and exciting all your emotions. Love, romance, hope, despair, faith, and the joy of being alive are all in there."

In other X Factor-related news, Shayne Ward, who emerged as the winner of the X Factor’s second season, is also working on new music. Having just secured the part of The Artilleryman in a massive arena tour of Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds alongside Jason Donovan and Westlife’s Brian McFadden, Ward is also working on his own music. Despite not being signed to a record label at the moment, the X Factor alum is putting the finishing touches on his fourth album. Speaking to Metro, he explained: "I want to get my sound out there. I listen to my albums and what’s out now and I know I can still contend."

Shayne Ward
Meanwhile, Shayne Ward is also working on new music.

And finally, in “fresh starts for former X Factor contestants”, Misha B is starting her own record label. Having emerged as a finalist on Series 8, Misha (born Misha Amber Bryan) was previously signed to Relentless Records. The new company, Emboom, will release Misha’s next EP and the singer also hopes to sign on fresh talent and start a clothing line in the future.

Misha B
Meanwhile, Misha B is starting an entire record label.