Shia LaBeouf’s art installation protesting against Donald Trump has been shut down by the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City, where the project was being hosted.

For the past three weeks since President Trump was inaugurated back on January 20th, a permanent livestream outside the museum in Queens encouraged participants to stand in front of a camera and say the words ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ for as long as they want.

It was the latest real-life art project launched by LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner, which has engaged in headline-grabbing stunts since 2014. However, it has now been closed by the Moving Image for reasons of “ongoing public safety” issues.

“The installation created a serious and ongoing public safety hazard for the museum, its visitors, its staff, local residents and businesses,” reads the statement posted on Friday (February 10th). “While the installation began constructively, it deteriorated markedly after one of the artists was arrested at the site of the installation and ultimately necessitated this action.”

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The livestream of the installation has also been closed down, with the words ‘The Museum Has Abandoned Us’ appearing on a black screen instead.

Just a few days after the project launched, LaBeouf was arrested and charged with misdemeanour assault and harassment after he allegedly attacked a pro-Trump supporter on camera at the event. It has since been patrolled by police in an effort to keep pro- and anti-Trump supporters apart, and LaBeouf is expected in court on April 7th to face the charges.

The Museum of the Moving Image said that, despite the closure, “We are proud to have launched this engaging and thought-provoking digital art installation which was experienced by millions of online viewers worldwide” and that it had “generated an important conversation allowing interaction among people from many backgrounds and with different viewpoints.”

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