Shia LaBeouf, 26, got into his latest bar brawl over the weekend but this time it wasn't in a swanky joint in Los Angeles or New York. No, the Transformers star had wandered into the Hobgoblin pub in New Cross, South London, for a couple of beers, but things soon turned nasty.

According to the Evening Standard, one fellow drinker had jokingly swiped Shia's baseball cap. "No one could believe that a well-known Hollywood star had rocked up at a bar in dingy south London. Everyone was getting photos taken with him," said an eyewitness, adding, "The row started when this guy took his hat. I think he was joking, but Shia didn't like it." The fight was reportedly calmed down by fellow pub-goers without the police having to be called, though LaBeouf quickly left in a taxi. He was visiting the area with his Nymphomaniac co-star Mia Goth, whose family live close to the pub. According to our reckoning, it's his third bar fight in around 18 months. Last February, he had a fist-fight with a man at a Sherman Oaks bar before getting involved in fisticuffs at the Cinema Public House in Vancouver last September. 

LaBeouf is about to begin work on Triple Nine, a cop-drama by Lawless director John Hillcoat.