Shia LaBeouf ripped off comic writer Daniel Clowes big time with his short film, a short which is pretty much a word-for-word copy of Clowes' comic book Justin M. Damiano. After coming under fire for his blatant rip off, Shia apologised, but did so by plagiarising another set of apologies (what is he like!).

Shia LaBeoufLena Dunham
Shia and Lena traded blows on Twitter

It then seemed as though he genuinely was sorry when his elaborate second apology took to the skies (literally) this week, however his method of using a skywriter to say sorry for real has met with confusion from most, with a number of people questioning his reasoning behind such an elaborate way of saying sorry. One such person to ask what the hell is going on in Shia's mind happened to be Girls' star and creator Lena Dunham, who took a swipe at LaBeouf on Twitter.

Shia didn't back down though and he quickly responded to Dunham's remarks, in true LaBeouf fashion. LaBeouf responded to Dunham calling him a "sociopath" by recycling one of her online apologies from 2012 (according to Celebuzz), doing just as he did when he ripped off the public apologies made by former racist Jade Goody, porn star Mr Marcus and an anonymous contributor for Yahoo! Answers.

Just like when he ripped off those guys, Shia didn't apologise for plagiarising Lena, but that might not matter because it seems as though she did at least see the funny side of what he was doing. This is probably the beginning and the end of their feud, which may be the only time when plagiarising the person you are arguing may actually work in your favour.