Shia LaBeouf showed no signs of the beating he took outside a Vancouver bar last week, while spotted cycling around the city on Tuesday (18th October 2011). Wearing a blue t-shirt with matching rucksack and cap, the Hollywood star looked relaxed as he glided through traffic whilst listening to his iPod, reports
As previously reported, the Transformers star was caught up in a brawl outside a Vancouver bar while in town shooting 'The Company You Keep'. A video clip shows the actor being punched repeatedly on the sidewalk by a shirtless man, who then flees the scene. The 25-year-old attempts to chase his attacker, but friends hold him back, with one yelling, "You got to lay low man!" What provoked the attack remains unclear, although reports suggest the pair began arguing inside the Cinema Public House before taking the disagreement outside. A representative for the venue said none of the staff noticed the fight, but confirmed LaBeouf had been a regular while filming his new movie. A friend of the actor claims alcohol is the key factor behind his often volatile temper, telling the Chicago Sun-Times, "He's like Sean Penn. One moment he can be totally charming, and then he'll lose it and go off on someone - especially when it's a nut in a bar who is looking for a fight".
'The Company You Keep' sees LaBeouf star as a young journalist who discovers the true identity of a former Weather Underground militant, played by Robert Redford. The movie is scheduled for release in late 2012.