Shirley Temple

RIP Shirley Temple: For younger generations, the death of Shirley Temple may not be as heart-rending as for those who grew up with the adorable, depression-era actress and watched her help pull America out of its slump. Temple died peacefully at home aged 85 on the 10th February after a life of reinventing herself and bringing joy to others through her many talents. You may or may not know that Temple was huge in China, but why? Find out here. Shirley Temple: 1928-2014.

Samuel L Jackson Makes Himself Clear: Samuel L Jackson has been involved in what was arguably the biggest foot-in-mouth moment of the year so far. In an interview with KTLA's so-called "entertainment reporter," Sam Rubin, Jackson was asked about his recent Super Bowl commercial...only, the Robocop actor didn't have a Super Bowl commercial, leading to quizzical stares and the immortal quote "what Super Bowl commercial?" as it dawned on the star that Rubin had him confused with fellow black actor, Laurence Fishburne. Read about the fall-out and watch the toe-curling video here.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf Isn't Sorry Enough: Shia LaBeouf has continued to spin out his "#IAMSORRY" performance art by setting up an art exhibition in LA where visitors enter one-by-one, pick up an object relevant to the Transformers actor and then come face-to-bag with the actor who is still wearing that "I Am Not Famous Anymore" paper bag after 'that' appearance at the Nymphomaniac premiere. Read a defence of the actor here. One actor decided to parody LaBeouf's bizarre efforts by setting up the "#IAMSORRYTOO" exhibition next door. We're serious! Check it out.

Miss Piggy Gets A Designer Dress: It's been a busy week but we're sneaking this one in because it's awesome: British designer Vivienne Westwood has created a wedding gown of porcine proportions for Miss Piggy, star of The Muppets, for her long-awaited wedding to Kermit. The pair will get hitched at the Tower of London in their upcoming movie, The Muppets Most Wanted. Check out the trailer: it looks fab-U-lous!

Julia Roberts' Half-Sister Found Dead: A nest of wasps has been kicked open in the Roberts clan after Julia Roberts' half-sister Nancy Motes was found dead in a bathtub surrounded by prescription drugs. Sources have alleged that Motes' death was not an accident, rather a carefully-timed suicide to sabotage the August: Osage County star's chances at an Oscar, prompted by ill feeling between the sisters. The tragic and messy case is ongoing but you can check out all the latest here.

The Lego Movie

'The Lego Movie' Builds Success: The Lego Movie has been declared box office champion upon its first week of release, with sales far exceeding that of the second ranking movie, The Monuments Men. Check out the trailer here. Due to open worldwide throughout this month, the animated film has gone down a storm with critics, who have adored the quality animation, genuinely funny lego in-jokes, a gripping plot and a starry cast. Read a round-up of reviews.

S'long 'Flappy Bird': Only weeks after the addictive app Flappy Bird had entered our lives, the same rage-inducing game has been torn from us inexplicably by game developer Dong Nguyen. Though the Vietnam-based Nguyen was said to be raking in $50K a day in sales, he apparently found it hard to handle the pressure and attention that the app brought him and so pulled the plug. Check out his confusing explanation here.

Video Of The Week - Billy Ray Cyrus 'Achy Breaky 2': Is it possible to murder your own song? According to Billy Ray Cyrus it is. The country star and father to Miley has single-handedly explained away all of his daughter's depraved behaviour with a hip hop retake of his hit 'Achy Breaky Heart', complete with Dionne Warwick's son, Buck 22, spitting the lyrics and a sexy alien-infested, twerktastic, spaceship video. Warning! Do not watch if high: may cause uncontrollable hallucinations. Check it out!