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He received immense praise for his witty debut single 'Zimma Frame' featuring Takura last year and Scottish producer Show N Prove truly is ready to 'show and prove' that he's not going anywhere just yet with 'If Only'.

The London-based DJ (originally from Edinburgh) brought smiles to the faces of everyone who witnessed the video to his summer party anthem in 2013 (which featured an old man beating a bunch of young clubgoers in the dance moves stakes). His follow up - 'My People' featuring Papa Zeus - was a brass-led, vibrant infusion of exotic music and hip hop, but he's taken up a more serious vibe with his latest single 'If Only' featuring Notting Hill singer Shakka. His solo singles are only his most recent ventures, having previously done a lot of producing for other artists. 'Doing production work for other people kind of became a staple for my sound, I guess', he explained in a video interview. 'Then I always wanted to do my own artist thing but it was just about getting the right timing, the right set up and the right song.'

Watch the video for 'If Only' ft. Shakka:

Show n Prove cites producers such as DJ Premier, Havoc from Mob Deep, The Alchemist and Pete Rock as major influences on him when he first started out, and confesses that his favourite album growing up was Wu-Tang Clan's debut '36 Chambers'.  'Hip hop is my foundation really so everything's gonna come from that place' he reveals, although since then, he has drawn inspiration from a variety of other artists naming electronic DJ Hudson Mohawke as one example. Cementing his love of the genre though, he names 2012 rap track 'Bada Bing' by Benny Banks as a personal favourite among the many tracks he's produced. 'It very much put me on the map and started the ball rolling', he says.

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Currently signed to the All Around The World label, Show N Prove has had one hell of a lift off with his career having recently worked alongside the likes of Wiley, Professor Green, Wretch 32 and Jacob Banks and having made his biggest gig appearance to date at Glastonbury (can you get much bigger?!). But the ever modest SNP insists he has his family and friends to thank for helping him along. 'Friends and family I think have a lot to do with it', he insists. 'I'm busy a lot of the time, I don't see friends and family as much as I should so for them to understand and support me in what I'm doing. is a big help.'

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The DJ is currently doing spot gigs in the UK and is on the bill for Brighton's upcoming Great Escape Festival, but he admits that he'd like to embark on a major tour soon, bringing along a few of the people he has been working with recently. While we've got that to look forward to, he's also working on his debut album right now - but we suspect we may have a bit of a wait on our hands as he confesses he's a hopeless perfectionist. 'I'm never really finished with a song, it's just basically the deadline', he admits. 'If I've got to submit it by tomorrow that's when it will be finished by. But if it was up to me I'd be working on stuff forever.'

If that is the case then worry not as he's also got several remixes of 'If Only' coming out very soon, and it sounds like we'll even get a glimpse of a brand new single over the next few weeks!

Listen  to 'My People' ft. Papa Zeus here:

Watch the video for 'Zimma Frame' ft. Takura

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