Animated sequel Shrek 2 has taken more than $11.8 million (GBP6.7 million) on its first day of release, smashing American box office records.

The film now boasts the biggest midweek opening to date for an animated feature, beating the record set by POKEMON: THE FIRST MOVIE in 1999.

A spokesperson for studios DREAMWORKS says the opening "exceeded all of our expectations".

Movie-makers have now set their sights on another record - it will be screened in 4,163 cinemas in the US over the weekend (22/23MAY04), making it the largest debut of all time.

But Shrek 2, which stars Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz, still has some way to go to emulate the success of the first film, which won Best Animated Movie at The Oscars and made $455 million (GBP258 million) after its 2001 release.

21/05/2004 17:17