Tragic punk icon Sid Vicious would still be alive and well today if he had met rocker Lou Reed - because he would have realised that the drug lifestyle the Velvet Underground star sang about wasn't that glamorous, according to Sex Pistols bandmate John Lydon.
Bass player Vicious died from a drug overdose at New York's Chelsea Hotel in 1979 while awaiting trial for the murder of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen and Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, is adamant Vicious was destroyed by his lust for fame.
The Pretty Vacant singer reveals his tragic former bandmate was obsessed with the seedy world Lou Reed sang about.
Lydon says, "He (Vicious) was all: 'Drugs yeah, it's all about drugs' - just because he had a Lou Reed record and he believed in the druggy image Lou gave off.
"Sid's downfall was that he didn't get a chance to meet Lou Reed before he knew what he was doing. He would never have messed with heroin if had he seen what a vacuous fat slob Lou Reed really is."