Sienna Miller has testified in the phone hacking trial brought against NOTW's former editor Rebekah Brooks and others. Appearing via videolink this afternoon, the actress said that it was "likely" that she had left a voicemail message to fellow actor Daniel Craig that ended with "I love you" but this that this phrase was not used as an "important declaration of love."

Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller Has Said That It's "Likely" She Left An "I Love You" Message For Daniel Craig.

Miller was called to be questioned on the matter after her ex-boyfriend and actor Jude Law told the court that he had had no knowledge that any of his close relatives had sold stories to the tabloid newspaper based on the rumour of Miller and Craig's affair. Mr Law was challenged on his relationship with the paper and whether he had ever tried to directly influence stories.

Miller revealed that she she always ended messages to close family and friends with, "I love you" but admitted that for someone listening in on their conversation who didn't know her, the message "Hi, it's me. I can't speak, I'm at the Groucho with Jude. I love you" could "easily inspire a story," according to BBC News.

Daniel Craig Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller Described A "Brief Encounter" With Craig, Rather Than An Affair.

Sienna added that she became very close to the Bond actor in a difficult period in her relationship with law. Miller denied that she'd had an affair with Craig, rather a "brief encounter." She fiercely denied that she had ever given away details or deliberately let people know where she was so that the paparazzi could be prepared. "Never ever," Miller said. "Hand on heart, I've taken an oath," via The Drum.

Ex-News of the World reporter Dan Evans, who has already admitted conspiracy to hack phones and perverting the course of justice, has told the court the voicemail led to stories about the two having an affair and has claimed that ex-NOTW editor Andy Coulson was aware that the voicemail was illegally obtained when Evans played it to him.

Jude Law
Jude Law Alleged That He Had Not Tried To Manipulate The Couple's Media Depiction In Any Way.

vans also alleged that the Law's PR had spoken to the newspaper to make it appear that Ms Miller had "cheated" before it emerged that Mr Law had a fling with his children's nanny.

At the end of Miller's testimony, the judge, Mr Justice Saunders, offered the actress the apologies of the court for the fact her privacy had been breached. In the trial, Brooks and Coulson are joined by six others who are being examined throughout the forecast five month trial. Former NOTW editor Brooks faces five charges spanning a decade, one of which relates to conspiring to hack phones.

Dan Evans
Former NOTW Reporter Dan Evans Has Admitted To Phone Hacking & Perverting The Course Of Justice.

Of the four other charges, two pertain to conspiring to commit misconduct in public office and the other two relate to conspiring to pervert to course of justice. Meanwhile, Coulson is facing charges related to phone hacking as well as allegations connected to corrupt payments.

Evans will give more evidence on Monday as the trial continues.