Sienna Miller has opened up about her ex fiancé Jude Law, revealing that she still cares about him ‘enormously’. Speaking to Porter magazine Miller, who split from actor Tom Sturridge last year, said that though her exes might be a ‘motley crew’ they all have one important quality in common, ‘intelligence’.

When asked about Law Miller said: “We don’t see each other that much. I care about him enormously.” The couple became engaged in 2004, but less than a year later they had called it quits after it was revealed Law had an affair with the nanny of his children.

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They later reconciled in 2009, but in 2011 they split for good. Miller then went on to date Tom Sturridge and the couple welcomed daughter Marlowe in 2012. But last year the couple called off their engagement.

Speaking about her taste in men Miller revealed: "I like intelligence. It’s the only thing I've ever been attracted to. People who aren't clever enough fall by the wayside. They're a motley crew my ex-boyfriends, if you lined them up, it would be strange.”

“I don't care about that [looks], but you know, within limits… Someone staggeringly beautiful and thick is totally ugly to me. It sounds silly but I like bookish academics who are slightly odd, and borderline, you know, on the spectrum.”

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Miller says she's also keen to have more children and give daughter Marlowe a sibling. “I would love more," she said. “I’m suddenly feeling very broody for more babies, and my daughter’s desperate to have a sibling.”