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Simian Mobile Disco
It's The Beat
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Simian Mobile Disco It's The Beat Single

With more than a handful of club bouncing 12"s under their belts, Simian Mobile Disco are set to release an album later this year on Wichita Recordings. This, 'It's The Beat' is the first single. So, lets see if they're as good at their own stuff as they are at remixes, collaborations and mixes.

Opening as you might expect, with a synth-ridden deep electro beat, this tune soon builds with an old school electro flavour, and frequently tips it's proverbial hat to more than a few early '90's dance classics. This is promising stuff, and proof that they know what they're doing. However, my only gripe is that the tune doesn't really go anywhere. Now call me fickle, but I'm a sucker for a decent build up and drop, that's what dance music needs for me. Yet this seems to get settled far too early. Although I'm doubtless it will be good as part of a mix, on its own this doesn't really stand on its own feet.shame really.

-Thom Holmes

Simian Mobile Disco
It’s The Beat
Wichita Records, 26/03/07

With a debut album looming that promises set Ibiza surfing on a wave of funky backbeats, punchy drum N’ Bass hits and scattered by lively vocals jabs. Simian Mobile Disco (aka Jas Shaw & James Ford) choose to cram all this into ‘It’s The Beat’ and the radio edit promotes the vocals that utilises Salt N’ Peppa style femme, streetwise provocation to draw your attention to the song title.

This seedy singing element straddles the quirky, digital saddle early doors and keeps on it right the way through. The album version is going to find favour in come down hour at clubs (especially Fabric where they have a residency), as the beats build slowly and the vocals are sparser, but this accentuates their impact. Simian Mobile Disco is sure to be contenders for the race to produce the club sound of the summer.


David Adair

Watch the video for It's The Beat here!

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