The Simon Cowell/Lauren Silverman pregnancy saga continues with the Silverman family – Andrew and Lauren – throwing various allegations at each other. According to TMZ, Lauren Silverman, who, according to initial reports, cheated on her husband with Cowell, was upset at the allegations. Silverman claimed that her husband knew about the relationship from the get-go. Additionally, she reportedly felt unfairly chastised for her elicit relations, because Andrew himself “partied with girls all over the world.”

However, Mr Silverman’s camp was quick to deny all of his wife’s claims. TMZ spoke to a close friend of the real-estate magnate, who put down the claim that Silverman knew about the relationship as ridiculous. “She knows this isn’t true,” the source claimed about Lauren Silverman.

However, all of these rumors are, as of yet, unconfirmed, with Lauren Silverman’s lawyer issuing a letter, in which he claims a lot of the comments attributed to his client are “inaccurate.” The legal rep also explains that Lauren and Andrew would like some privacy during their divorce. Again according to TMZ, the estranged spouses have been spending some time apart, in order to figure things out and provide a normal environment for their child. Meanwhile, as the media storm spins around the Silvermans, Simon Cowell is yet to comment on the news that Lauren is pregnant with his child. 

Simon Cowell, Groucho Club
Simon Cowell is yet to engage with the story.