So, Britain’s Got Talent fans, there is a brand new Marmite contestant. By that we mean, people are either going to absolutely love her or hate her. We’re most definitely on the love side of things, we’ve gone mad for nutty violinist Lettice Rowbotham. BGT fans who like their contestants a little more rough and ready will hopefully eat their words once Lettice whips out her violin.

BGT judgesThe Britain's Got Talent judges were wowed by Lettice's performance

Labeled “the poshest contestant” the show has ever had by judge David Walliams, as well as possibly “the poshest to come to Birmingham”, where the show was filmed, Lettice rocked out with her violin on last Saturday’s (April 19th) episode of BGT. Announcing that she was “too hungover” to be nervous about the audition, Lettice bounded on stage with a personality as energetic as her performance.

The 24 year old from Surrey announced that her parents had given her a plastic violin when she was four and she was furious to not have a real one. She describes taking to the instrument like a “duck to water”, and her ease with it was certainly clear from her poppy performance.  She then goes on to describe BGT's scariest judge Simon Cowell as a "very clever chap" with his "fingers in so many pies."  

Playing the violin along to a range of chart songs, Lettice absolutely blew the judges and audience away. But this isn’t the vivacious violinists first brush with fame. Born to mother Sherree Valetine Daine, an impressionist painter whose work has been collected by the British Royal Family, Lettice lives with her parents in a £3 million ($5 million) mansion in Dorking, a town in the south of England. Rowbothan has attended some of the most prestigious schools in England, including Purcell School of Music, where fees are upwards of £30,000 ($50,000).  Rowbotham graduated from the Royal College of Music and was encouraged to audition for BGT by her little sisters, Bunty and Felicity. Of course.

Although Lettice has already performed alongside big name acts such as Olly Murs and Kelis, auditioning on BGT will finally put her skill in the spotlight. Lettice had previously been approached by producers on reality TV show Made in Chelsea, but had turned them down in favour of focusing on her electric violin. Good on you, girl.

Amanda Holden BGTAmanda Holden mouthed 'AMAZING!' during Lettice's audition

While some may argue that BGT is a chance to find undiscovered talent and Lettice is certainly not living on the breadline with no chance of ever being heard, they forget that ultimately it is a talent show and she certainly has that in abundance. While she may have performed alongside chart toppers, this is Lettice’s chance to show her skills as a soloist, an opportunity she may not have come across otherwise. Her skill is marketable and she’s a fresh, engaging contestant with a huge personality. Lettice, you’ve got our vote!

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Watch Lettice Rowbotham's BGT audition: