If the rumours are true, Simon Cowell could be in a rather tricky situation. His already married lover Lauren Silverman has stepped forward to say that the 10-week baby she's carrying is not only the X Factor judge's, she apparently also has told friends that she wants to marry him.

Simon Cowell

The 36 year-old, who doesn't seem to have a job other than socialite, was married to real estate executive Andrew Silverman from whom she has recently divorced.

Citing adultery, the property tycoon filed for divorce from his wife two weeks ago, naming Cowell as co-respondent in the divorce papers, according to The Daily Mail. This means that Cowell is likely to be called as a witness during the divorce trial to talk about his alleged affair with Mrs. Silverman as well as detail his personal finances, rumored to be in the region of $350 million (£230.3m). The music mogul is reportedly gearing up with his own lawyer in a bid to protect his fortune; a large portion of which could be taken for child maintenance.

Lauren Silverman
Socialite Lauren Silverman Is Ten Weeks Pregnant.

Cowell, 53, who is thought to be rather "freaked out" by the unexpected pregnancy news, suggest sources, understands that the baby is his despite having previously said that he'd never want children. He split from his former fiancée Mezhgan Hussainy last year.

A man whose legion of girlfriends - including Sinitta, Terri Seymour and Jackie Sinclair - has fascinated the media, has told The Telegraph of how he doesn't see the importance of marriage: "when no matter how big your house is, you are going to end up on the same sofa, in the same bed or in the same room as a person, you are going to get bored. It's a boring routine."

Simon himself has neither publically confirmed nor denied the rumours but his 87 year-old mother Julie has told The Sun "I've not heard anything officially. But if it's true then I'm absolutely delighted. It's wonderful! He'll make a fantastic father. He'll be great."

Lauren Silverman Simon Cowell
Cowell & Silverman Have Apparently Been Seeing Each Other For At Least A Year.

Cowell and Mrs. Silverman are said to have met whilst on holiday in Barbados a few years ago through Mr. Silverman. Cowell spent time with the couple on board their yacht, where his and Lauren's relationship developed to the point where she became his "closest confidante" in his large group of female friends.

She already has a 7 year-old son with her ex-husband but will give Cowell his first child around February 2014 although Cowell has voiced his distaste for little ones: "God, no. I couldn't have children. If I had them here drawing on the walls I'd go nuts."