Simon Cowell thinks his son's first word will be a bark.

The 55-year-old music mogul is afraid his 18-month-old tot Eric will be unable to speak properly as he gets older because he spends all of his time with their beloved Yorkshire Terrier pooches, Squiddly and Diddly.

He revealed: ''He spends most of his time with Squiddly and Diddly. He is going to end up barking.''

As well as the impact of his dogs, he continued to explain Eric may end up with a transatlantic drawl because of the variety of accents he is surrounded with at home, including his American mother Lauren Silverman and their several Filipino house-workers.

He joked: ''I have no idea what he is going to talk like, because his mum is American, I am English and a lot of the girls in my house are from the Philippines.''

And 'The X Factor' judge admitted he is loving being a daddy to the adorable baby - who he previously joked could be a new member of One Direction - because he can see his own characteristics in him.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I can really see me in him now.''