Simon Cowell will ditch his new electric bike after he fell off the vehicle and broke his back.

The 60-year-old entertainment mogul came perilously close to paralysing himself when he fell from the powerful electric Swind EB01 whilst testing it, and he has now been encouraged by his girlfriend Lauren Silverman to get rid of the potential death traps.

A source said: ''Lauren doesn't want him to ride one of those bikes again, so he's agreed with his friends and family to get rid of them as soon as he's out of hospital.

''The power of the bike was unbelievable when he changed the setting up to the second one. The bike just flew into the air.

''Thankfully he let go of the bike as he fell backwards and it didn't land on him.''

Lauren - who has three-year-old son Eric with Simon - has been making regular trips to the hospital to visit her partner as he continues to recover, but it also insisting the mogul must not return to work until his doctors give him the all clear.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: ''The hardest thing is stopping Simon from getting back to work too fast. He never wants to stop.''

Meanwhile, Simon's 'America's Got Talent' co-star Howie Mandel recently said the judge is ''doing spectacularly well'' following his horror fall.

He said: ''We didn't know what to expect. I knew that we could expect something spectacular because we have, I believe, the most talented crew in the world, in every possible department. We were a little bit in disarray because we were worried. We were worried about our friend, and our boss, and our leader, Simon Cowell, who we hear is doing spectacularly well, considering.

''The latest I've heard is that after a six hour operation, and some fused discs, and the rod put in his back, yesterday, he was up on his feet, already, he's already mobile! So, as I've been saying to a few other people, I wouldn't count out seeing Simon again before this season's end.''