Simon Cowell wants a flying car.

The 'X Factor' judge admitted he's desperate to get his hands on a vehicle which he can drive in both the sky and on land, but was left disappointed when he didn't receive one on his 56th birthday on Wednesday (07.10.15).

Asked about what he was hoping to receive as a gift, he said: ''I would like a flying car. I saw one and I read about it in Top Gear [magazine] recently. I thought, 'God, if there is anything I want, that is it'. It is the coolest thing. If they can make one, that would be top of my list. I want the flying car. I'm easy to buy for.''

But it might have proved too pricey for his girlfriend Lauren Silverman - with whom he has 17-month-old son Eric - as the cars cost half a million pounds.

And even if she had wanted to splash out on the pricey gift, it would be several years before he received it as the motors, being developed by Terrafugia, are not set to be available until 2023.

According to the magazine, the 200mph car features fold out wings, twin electric motors and a computer controlled 500-mile flight range.

However his entire birthday was a low-key affair.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''I've told Lauren that after you get to 50, you don't really want to celebrate your birthday. But I'm happy, I'm in a good place.''