Simon Cowell wants to work with Britney Spears again.

The 63-year-old music mogul last worked with Britney, 40, when she starred alongside him as a judge on 'The X Factor USA' in 2012 and explained that there is a "super smart" side to the pop superstar that most people are unaware of.

Speaking in an on-camera interview with E! News, he said: "We spent so long on the phone talking about X Factor before we did it. There's a side of Britney a lot of people don't know. I mean, I was on the phone to her two or three hours every time. She was super smart, lovely ideas about how to launch someone else's career, which is critical if you're going to be a judge on one of these shows."

The Syco founder went on to add that he had a "fantastic" relationship with the 'Toxic' hitmaker - who regained control of her fortune and various aspects of her life when a conservatorship governed by her family was terminated in 2021 - and thinks it would be "amazing" to reunite with her on another show.

He added: "So I had a fantastic relationship with her. If you're watching Britney and we make a show, please come back and do it with me. It would be amazing. I adore her. She really is interesting and she is so talented."

Earlier this year, Simon revealed that he offered songwriter Max Martin a Mercedes in exchange for the rights to what eventually became Britney's megahit debut single '...Baby One More Time' and wrongly thought that the then-16-year-old had no chance of success

He said: "I phoned up Max and I said, ‘Max. Please, please give me this song.’ And he went, ‘I’ve promised it to someone else.’ And I said, ‘Well, I’ll send you a Mercedes – literally a Mercedes 500 SL if I can have this song.’ And he went, ‘No. I promised it to somebody else.’ And I went, ‘Who?’ And he went, ‘Britney Spears.’ I went, ‘Max, let me give you some advice. No one is going to have a hit with a name called Britney Spears."