Simon Cowell will have to dig deep into his pockets now that he is going to be a father; at least that's what the disgruntled husband of Simon's baby momma says, as he looks to severe all ties with his cheating wife and let Simon pick up the pieces. Andrew Silverman wants to end things for good with his wife Lauren Silverman, adding that she wont see a penny from him after the divorce proceedings, because Si can foot the bill for her from now on.

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Simon is expected to open up his wallet following this revelation

According to TMZ, Andrew is seeking a divorce from Lauren as soon as possible, with a source close to the betrayed husband revealing that the pair signed a prenuptial agreement prior to the wedding that should ensure that he isn't swindled out of any of his hard-earned cash. However the real issue at stake here isn't money, but the couple's seven-year-old son, with Andrew believed to be apply for sole custody of the child, citing Lauren as a neglectful, selfish parent.

The source speaking with TMZ went on to add that Andrew feels that Lauren isn't a good parent and should not be granted custody of their children, however the source did add that there may be a sense of revenge with his quest for sole custody. Andrew is said to be feeling utterly humiliated, as well as being heartbroken, since finding out about their affair from earlier this year, and was left in shock after seeing a 2012 picture of the two kissing on board his own boat.

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Simon's ex Mezhgan Hussainy was left devastated by the news

All three involved in the break-up scandal are believed to be after the same thing; a quick and mostly painless divorce, with Andrew and Lauren said to agree that Simon will be on hand to open up his wallet and serve as her sole provider from now on. Simon on the other hand is said to be ruing the whole thing and is struggling to reassure himself that his career and public image will ever be able to recover from such a scandal, despite the fact that a story like this will probably help boost the ratings of the next season of the X Factor by a few thousand at least. Whether he will recover unscathed from this scandal will have to be seen.

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Will the new season of The X Factor suffer?