DURAN DURAN star Simon Le Bon is still fuming over a newspaper article linking to him a mystery woman - because he had to comfort his tearful young daughter over the reports.

Despite the singer being married to model YASMIN since 1985 a paper alleged Le Bon had been seen chatting to a woman in a low cut top at a wedding, although the publication failed to point out his wife was with him.

An irate Le Bon rallies, "It's nonsense. We've only been to one wedding in the last ten years and the only one with a low-cut dress was the bride! When I read it, I was p***ed off.

"I'm married to Yasmin because we have something I've never found with anyone else. We're strong enough to take these stories, but when you have a nine-year-old child come home in tears because she thinks her parents are splitting up it's very, very distressing.

"We had to sit TALLULAH down and say, 'Who do you believe? Mummy or Daddy?' Or the c**p in a paper?'"

19/02/2004 21:20