British pop star Simon Le Bon is working hard to restore his voice after a severe throat infection derailed Duran Duran's U.K. tour, and he even saw five specialists in just one day.
The frontman admits he can't help but "obsess" about his voice, which he was told to rest after coming down with a mystery illness last month (May11). The group was forced to cancel a string of dates as a result and Le Bon admits he is no closer to finding out what went wrong and when his voice will return.
In a post on the band's website, he writes, "I reckon I got six semi-tones wiped off the top of my range and nobody, myself included, has really been able to explain what has happened. It's quite difficult not to obsess. It's very difficult not to worry about it."
The 52 year old reveals he has tried exhaustive treatments to revive his voice, adding: "I'm spending an awful lot of time seeing specialists. Three otorhino-laryngologists, a speech and voice therapist, a vocal coach, a physiotherapist and of course my super-osteopath brother Jonathan Le Bon... Last Thursday I saw five different practitioners in one day. It's hard work."
The Hungry Like the Wolf hitmakers are set to continue with plans for an upcoming European trek and have promised to reschedule their scrapped U.K. gigs by the end of the year (11).