Simon Le Bon thinks Lindsay Lohan is ''very special.''

The Duran Duran singer is ''really proud'' to have collaborated with the 'Mean Girls' actress on a track for the band's new album, 'Paper Gods,' even though he thinks she ''polarises people.''

The 56-year-old star said: ''I've known Lindsay for years and years and years. I met her in New York when we were both appearing on the Regis and Kelly show, believe it or not, so we stayed in contacted in a relaxed way. She texted me, and I said, 'Well, I'll try and find a slot for you.' And then 'Dancephobia' came up. We really needed something special for that little space in that song, and Lindsay delivered 100 percent.

''It has brought a little controversy. She polarises people, Lindsay - doesn't she? She's very special. I'm really proud that we've got her on it.''

Simon was reluctant to collaborate with other artists in the past because it ''usually means that you let go of control of the vocals on the record.''

He told PEOPLE magazine: ''We've never had an album with so many guest stars. I've always really resisted collaborations, mainly because, as a singer, it's usually vocal collaborations, and I feel that I supposed you could say I've held onto the microphone quite jealously in the past decades.''

Meanwhile, the British musician isn't ''surprised in the slightest'' that One Direction have decided to take an extended hiatus next year.

He explained: ''That is so normal. That was so predictable. It's the fact they work every bloody day. The pressure on them is so great, something had to break. I think it's a good decision. Good luck to them all - they've worked so hard.''