Simon Pegg feels under such pressure writing 'Star Trek 3' he's ''barely able to speak''.

The 45-year-old star is co-writing the much-anticipated new sci-fi movie and has joked that the strain of the job is taking its toll.

Speaking to Magic Radio at the Jameson Empire Awards 2015, he quipped: ''It's enormous pressure, I'm barely able to speak right now I'm so terrified, but no it's good, it's going well.

''You know we're working at it hard and I'm writing with a guy [Doug Jung], he's in LA I'm here. I was there last week, writing with him, he's going to come here next week and we'll just keep plugging away at it and hopefully come up with something that the fans like, everybody likes, not just the fans.''

Meanwhile, Simon denied Idris Elba is going to appear in the new movie as a Klingon, but admitted he may feature in some capacity.

He said: ''Idris, I heard there's a rumour he's been spoken to about stuff, so he may be in the film but he won't be a Klingon.''

It's been widely reported that Idris and 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston have been in talks about playing the role of a villain.