Simon Webbe, a member of the former British boy-band Blue, has been declared bankrupt just weeks after his band-mate Duncan James also ran into financial problems and a couple of months after Antony Costa was effectively left homeless.

The 35-year-old musician filed papers at London's High Court on September 25 after running into financial problems earlier this year, according to Mail Online.

Simon is the third member of the band to run into money problems after the group's company BlueWorld Ltd collapsed leaving the quartet - also comprising of Lee Ryan - owing thousands to creditors. Costa admitted that he saw his earnings drop from £250,000 a month to just £400 a month, though Webbe admits that he never saw a penny of the group's monumental earnings. 

"Blue made £82million over three years but we hardly saw a penny of it," he said.

After being declared bankrupt earlier this year, Duncan James - probably the most popular member of the group - admitted that his problems came about as a result of investing in property for his mother, ex-girlfriend and their daughter. He told The Sun newspaper, "I've always wanted to give my loved ones roofs over their heads and make sure they were taken care of, so that's what I did.Now I've had to sell the home I bought for my mum. And that's been the most heartbreaking part for me. I so wanted to care of her."

Antony - probably the least well known - admitted he frittered away most of his cash because he assumed Blue was going to "last forever."

"I wasn't saving any of my money along the way and I had champagne taste with lemonade money in the end" he said, "I thought Blue was going to last forever and any money I did have left at the end of Blue I wasn't advised on how to save it but I don't blame anyone for that."

Blue are currently on a reunion tour around the UK. They will support Wet Wet Wet during an arena tour in December. 

Blue Shepherds Bush EmpireDuncan James [L] and Simon Webbe [R] Performing With Blue On The Reunion Tour

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Antony Costa Performing With Blue