Sinitta claims Harry Styles hits on her ''all the time''.

The 46-year-old singer has branded the One Direction hunk - who has been romantically linked with a number of older women, including Caroline Flack and Natalie Imbruglia - a ''horny little devil'' because he is always very flirtatious when they meet.

She said: ''Younger men hit on me all the time. Harry Styles constantly chats me up at parties. He's definitely got that Mick Jagger vibe going on - he's a horny little devil.''

Sinitta believes she has gotten better in the bedroom as she has got older.

She said: ''I have always been a romantic. But, like with sex, things get better with age - you know what you want and feel happier expressing yourself.''

The 'So Macho' singer - who previously dated Simon Cowell and Brad Pitt - is very proud of her slim and toned body, which she credits to her raunchy exercise regime.

She explained to Closer magazine: ''I've just taken up pole dancing so my muscles are really defined at the moment - move aside Beyonce!''