Sinitta was left ''borderline suicidal'' after a recent health scare.

The 51-year-old singer declined to give details on the medical incident, but she required extensive therapy which made a huge difference as she thinks she would have been left a ''fragile, broken person'' without it.

In an interview with New! magazine, she said: ''I did something called TMS, which is a magnetic therapy that reduces anxiety and depression. I worked with both a psychiatrist and a psychologist and I would recommend it.

''Oh, the difference it made in me. They said I was a walking miracle.

''I was borderline suicidal and now I've got myself back together. Without the help I would've been left a fragile, broken person. Either way, it would've ended me. I'll reveal all one day.''

The turning point for the 'So Macho' singer came after she suffered a panic attack so severe, she and the people around her thought she was having a heart attack.

She cryptically said: ''I had a major health scare that I can't go into just yet but as soon as I'm able to talk about it, I will. I think it will help a lot of people.

''I had several blows to my physical and mental health and it set me back in a massive way. I was a walking disaster.

''I had a panic attack as a result of quite a traumatic situation that was so severe, everyone including me thought I was having a heart attack, I was rushed to the hospital and couldn't breathe. It took a long time to recover.''

Sinitta - who recently battled coronavirus - praised her former boyfriend, Simon Cowell, for his support through her difficulties.

She added: ''Simon, as usual, was incredible. He helped me get the best medical attention and I pulled through. I've always felt invincible but this was the first time I've been faced with human frailty.''