Sinitta has revealed she aborted the baby she was expecting with Simon Cowell.

The media mogul's ex-girlfriend had spoken about the termination in 2009, but she has now named the 'X Factor' boss - whose lover Lauren Silverman is pregnant with his child - as the father of her unborn baby.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Sinitta - who since adopted two children - said ''yes'' when she was asked if Simon was the dad and claimed she no longer feels ''cursed'' by her decision.

She added: ''I know the curse has been lifted because I have been blessed with children and now Simon is too, plus God forgives.

''I don't think there was ever a curse really - I was just talking about my thoughts at the time.''

Friends suggest the 53-year-old star had never known about the abortion, while an insider has claimed Sinitta has been very ''emotional'' about the news Simon is to become a father for the first time.

The source said: ''It is an emotional time for her. She is happy for Simon about him becoming a father but was disappointed he did not confide in her earlier about Lauren and their relationship.

''They are very close and always will be. They could have been parents together once and there is a bond between them.

''Sinitta will always have huge affection for Simon. They grew up together and are friends for life. You can understand why this is such a difficult time for her.''