Sinitta has reportedly split from her partner Jason Gale.

The 51-year-old singer - who has two adopted children, Magdalena, 10, and Zac, nine, with her ex-husband Andy Willner - and the 45-year-old publicist have reportedly called time on their year-long romance, despite recently looking for a new home together, as chronicled on television series 'Seven Days With...', a reality show which follows the lives of celebrity relationships.

A source said: ''Sinitta thought she had finally found 'the one' after many years of heartache.

''In the series, they were looking at houses and she said that she was looking forward to Jason being a bigger part in her children's lives.

''It will be really sad they couldn't make it work.''

Despite the speculation, Jason has claimed to have no knowledge of the relationship breakdown and said the rumours were false.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Did Sinitta tell you that? It's not true.''

Sinitta - originally from the United States - was married to Andy for eight years from 2002 but is most famous for dating Brad Pitt in the late '80s and her close pal Simon Cowell on and off for 20 years.