Sinitta has vowed to do a lie detector test on a daytime TV show to set the record straight about claims she aborted Simon Cowell's baby.

The 'So Macho' hitmaker was recently quoted as saying ''yes'' when asked if the music mogul - who she dated on and off in the 1980s - was the father of a baby she previously terminated, but she has now pleaded to be allowed on 'The Jeremy Kyle Show' to tell the truth about what happened.

She wrote on Twitter: ''Jeremy kyle, I know I declined your celebrity chat, but I'd love to do your show PROVIDED you provide a lie detection device.. #thisHAStoEnd (sic)''

However, ITV have said it does not plan to feature Sinitta on the UK show - in which members of the public air their issues, which can range from relationship, sex, alcohol, drug or family problems, in front of a studio audience - because it is not thinking of doing any celebrity editions of the programme.

One of the 49-year-old star's 157,000 Twitter followers suggested she should try going on 'Piers Morgan's Life Stories' - a chat show presented by the titular journalist with each programme featuring a celebrity guest - but Piers tweeted: ''No thanks.''

Shortly before asking to appear on 'The Jeremy Kyle Show', Sinitta posted a flurry of emotional tweets insisting she wants to tell the truth about the situation.

She wrote: ''I know how undignified this is and it sickens me too but I have been dignified throughout so many unjusts and untrue claims and accusations ... I don't want to hurt the people I have loved, but I don't want to always be the one who gets hurt I snapped, enough is enough

''this isn't the best place (practically)as SO much to say, im going to set a few things straight even though I am afraid of the consequences

''I need to pray on this, I need to sleep on this, but I know somehow I need to do this , I'm sorry,but its important to me,

''I'm sorry, this is so hard. Lots at stake, needs to be said, but said properly.. Excuse me for coming ''undone'' on here... (sic)''

Despite some fans voicing concerns about Sinitta following her flurry of tweets, friends insisted she is ''fine''.

One pal told The Sun newspaper: ''She just wants to clear the air.''