What do you get when two outspoken men have access to a social media platform that transmits directly to the general public? A mess, that's what you get. This is what happens when you let Donald Trump and Alan Sugar loose on Twitter. The Full results. 

Trump says: "How can George Osborne reduce UK debt while spending billions to subsidize Scotland's garbage wind turbines that are destroying the country? You're all wrong--check the facts! UK is massively subsidizing Scotland's wind turbines & the people don't want them."

Sugar replies: "Scottish don't want wind turbines........I think you have that wrong . The Scottish don't want you !"

Trump retorts: "If you think ugly windmills are good for Scotland you are an even worse businessman than I thought...... and, in my opinion, should not be doing The Apprentice."

While Sugar responds: "well you have NO SAY in that. The British like me not you...the ugly windmills will bring more revenue and green power to Scotland than your golf project."

Trump fights back with: "Sugar--unlike you, I own The Apprentice. You were never successful enough...... to do The Apprentice but I approved you anyway. Without my show you'd be nothing!"

Sugar quips: "You approved me! What a load of rubbish dream on You don't own apprentice Mark Burnett does. Shut up and argue with Obama. success is measured with what you have in business. I own all my real estate with no bank borrowing how about you big shot?"

To which Trump responds: "Sugar-Keep working hard so I make plenty of $ with your show......You have little persona, but The Apprentice concept is great and lucky for you!"

Sugar states: "success is measured with what you have in business. I own all my real estate with no bank borrowing how about you big shot?You have had a charisma bypass."

And Trump hits back: "When I made The Apprentice the #1 show in the US, that was a good day for you...... and many others. Drop to your knees, Sugar, and say thank you, Mr. Trump."

Piers Morgan Tags in!: "Don't wish to interfere obviously @realDonaldTrump - but it may be time to fire @Lord_Sugar from YOUR show for his impertinence?"

Trump, with allies, says: "@piersmorgan @Lord_Sugar I easily could but as long as Sugar is making me money (it's my show) I won't--unlike Sugar, I'm not stupid!"

But Sugar's having none of it: "@realDonaldTrump @piersmorgan you are full of sh.. Trump you have no power over the UK Apprentice, just like the Scottish people."

Trump makes one last attempt for a knock out: "Dopey @Lord_Sugar--Look in the mirror and thank the real Lord that Donald Trump exists. You are nothing!"

But Sugar hits him where it hurts, followers: "you only have 1.9 m followers not good for your ego how comes I have 2.5m and you have 6 times more population than UK."

Ding Ding! We say that goes to Alan Sugar, don't you? This is basically what Twitter was made for.