Back in the 80s 'Danger Mouse' was essential viewing for adults and children alike, but now the pint sized hero is set to make a comeback with CBBC giving him the inevitable reboot treatment and a whole new series airing next year. In celebration of our favourite mouse (sorry Mickey) making a well deserved comeback, we’ve done some detective work and dug up five facts about the original series which aired between 1981 and 1992. As Penfold would say, “oh crikey, here we go!

Danger Mouse'Danger Mouse' will be back on our screens in 2015

1. 'Danger Mouse' was originally very different…

While the very first 'Danger Mouse' episode is lost and yet to be found, the second unaired pilot presents a very different version of the series. It has no narration and (gasp!) no David Jason. Yes instead of Jason, voice actor William Leo Frankly played Danger Mouse and gave him a distinctly James Bond style accent. What's even stranger is, Penfold was originally Welsh! The pilot was later modified into the episode entitled 'Who Stole the Bagpipes?' which first aired in 1981.

2. How many characters did David Jason voice?

Of course David Jason was the voice of Danger Mouse, but he also helped bring to life many other characters in the series. These include, Flying Officer Buggles Pigeon, Texas Jack McGraw McGraw, Nero, Count Duckula, Grovel and of course, narrator Isambard Sinclair.

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3. Remember Count Duckula?

One of Danger Mouse’s enemies, Count Duckula was a vampire duck who aspired to be a television star. His dream came true in 1988 when he was given his own spin off series which lasted for three seasons. But the character was given a few new traits when he got his own show, including becoming the world's first vegetarian vampire. 

4. What happened to Danger Mouse’s eye and tail?

Like any good cartoon character Danger Mouse had a very distinctive look, he was all white and accessorised with a eyepatch, plus he had no tail. But the decision to make him all white and loose his tail was purely budgetary, with white being an inexpensive colour and it being cheaper to not have to animate a tail. As for what happened to his eye. Well, there are many rumours as to why Danger Mouse wears an eyepatch but no real reason was ever given in the series. However creator Brian Cosgrave has done nothing to clear up the mystery, stating in a DVD interview, "Well the thing is, has he really lost his eye? If he lifts that patch up, is there something else underneath?" He then added, "James Bond had Q, a guy who would give him all sorts of secret weapons, and there could be something under that eye patch that we've never revealed. But we don't talk about how he lost his eye...if he did indeed lose the eye." Guess we're none the wiser.

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5. A ratings record

'Danger Mouse' was a huge ratings hit both in the UK and abroad and its success transcended kid's television. In Britain viewing figures reached over 21 million in 1983, setting a record for children’s television which has yet to be broken. It would also become one of the first British animated series to break into the US market when it was broadcast by Nickelodeon from 1984 onwards, breaking more viewing records across the pond. 

Sir David JasonSir David Jason, the original voice of Danger Mouse, among others