Following immense success after its Christmas episode, a full series of 'Still Open All Hours' starring David Jason is set to hit screens later this year.

David Jason riding bicycle on 'Still Open All Hours' set
David Jason as Granville on his trusty bicycle...

The British sitcom, which is a sequel to the 1973-1985 series 'Open All Hours', pulled in a whopping 12.2 million viewers on its Christmas revival and became the most viewed comedy show of 2013 (yep, even more so than the much loved 'Mrs. Brown's Boys'). The new series sees the return of David Jason as Granville who, though originally a shop assistant, has now inherited the shop from his deceased uncle, Albert Arkwright (formerly played by the late RONNIE BARKER).

David Jason as Granville Arkwright
Granville minds the shop

It also welcomes back Lynda Baron as Nurse Gladys and Stephanie Coleand as Mrs Delphine Featherstone, while introducing James Baxter as Granville's son Leroy and Johnny Vegas as 'Wet' Eric. The sitcom, created by Roy Clarke, is set in Balby, Doncaster and originally ran for 26 episodes over four series. As well as being re-introduced over the 2013 festive season, a documentary was also unveiled on December 27th entitled 'Open All Hours: A Celebration'. Now, six episodes of 'Still Open All Hours' are confirmed to hit BBC One later this year, with the Lister Avenue shop exterior having been filmed on the original location.

Johnny Vegas, James Baxter, Lynda Barron and David Jason on 'Still Open All Hours' set
Meet the cast: Johnny Vegas, James Baxter, Lynda Baron and David Jason

"I am so delighted that we are doing a series of Still Open All Hours as the feedback from our Christmas special has been so rewarding and encouraging," Jason told the BBC. "We want to have more fun giving the audience the kind of show they seemed to appreciate. It goes to prove that the corner shop is still open all hours."

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Clarke, a Doncasterian himself, was equally thrilled with the re-boot premise which has evoked a strong sense of nostalgia. "I'm delighted', he said. 'It's like going back home."

David Jason falls over on 'Still Open All Hours' set
...OK, not so trusty after all.