Sir Paul McCartney has yet to watch John Lennon biopic NOWHERE BOY - because he's "peeved" the actor playing his role is too short.
The film stars Kick-Ass' Aaron Johnson as Lennon, while Thomas Sangster portrays MCCartney in the story of the late Beatle's early years.
But MCCartney is not happy about the height difference between the onscreen pair - because he was just as tall as his Beatles bandmate in real life and insists movie bosses should have put Sangster in "platforms" to make up the extra inches.
He tells Britain's Seven magazine, "I haven't actually seen it, but I hear I'm OK in it. But you know what I'm slightly peeved about? My character, my actor, is shorter than John! And I don't like that. I'm the same size as John, please. Put John in a trench or put me in platforms!"