Sir Paul McCartney insists he has never undergone cosmetic surgery, and attacks a Californian plastic surgeon who claims he has done in a new book. The former beatle was baffled by the claims - made by an unnamed physician - and had to restrain himself from confronting the surgeon. MCCartney writes on his estranged wife Heather Mills MCCARTNEY's website: "One rumour is that Heather has made me have plastic surgery. Now the truth, honest guvner, is that I haven't had any done, but in flicking through a magazine recently I came across someone who appeared to know better! "An LA plastic surgeon had a book out in which he claims I've had some work done! OK, now I know it's not true, but this guy knows better. How? The proof, he reckons, is that..wait for itmy ear lobes are too low!..and, says he, you know how you can tell people have had plastic surgery?They deny it!!! "At first I felt like entering into a long debate with him about it, but it's so hilarious that I decided not to bother."