Sir Paul McCartney is still laughing off reports he died and was replaced in THE Beatles by a lookalike - 40 years after the rumours first surfaced.
The Fab Four were photographed walking along a pedestrian crossing on the legendary cover of their 1969 album Abbey Road.
MCCartney's barefoot appearance in the photo sparked wild rumours the rocker had died in a car crash - and the 67 year old admits he still has to reassure some fans he's not an impostor.
He explains, "The idea was to walk across the crossing, and I showed up that day with sandals, flip-flops. It was so hot that I kicked them off and walked across barefooted, and this started some rumour that because he's barefooted, he's dead. I couldn't see the connection.
"I just laughed. I knew (it was) because of the fame and the craziness... But it was a bit strange, because people started to look at me like, 'Is it really him or a very good double?' No, this is him!"