Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has topped the Sunday Times list of the richest musicians with a £680 million fortune. The singer-songwriter has topped the list since 1989, when he was worth an estimated £80 million. In second place was composer and West End king Andrew Lloyd Webber, with £620 million, and the combined financial might of Irish rock band U2 finished third with £520 million. The full list will be published by the newspaper on Sunday 21, April.

Elsewhere on the list, former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham shares an estimated fortune of £200 million with superstar husband David, while Rolling Stone frontman Mick Jagger was tied on the same amount. Elton John featured prominently, while dancer Michael Flatley surprised many by finishing seventh with a £191 million fortune. Keith Richards, Olivia and Dhani Harrison, and Sting rounded out the Top 10 with amounts over £180 million. 

In the young music millions list, Adele unsurprisingly topped the list with an estimated £30 million fortune. It was widely reported that the Oscar-winner had made £10 million last year despite taking time off to recover from a throat operation and giving birth to her first child. Her award-winning album 21 has seen her value increase by 50%. Elsewhere, Cheryl Cole's estimated worth was increased to £14 million, while each of the five members of boy-band One Direction are said to be worth £5 million each - a figure likely to have increased exponentially by next year.

Adele [L] Topped This Year's Young Rich List, While Bono [R] Featured Prominently In The Full List