Sir Paul McCartney agreed to soundtrack a video game to ''infiltrate'' his children and grandchildren's lives.

The Beatles legend has recorded the theme tune for new game 'Destiny' and agreed they could use his song 'Hope for the Future' because he thinks it's the only way he can now get his family to listen to his music.

He said: ''I know from my kids and my grandkids, they just bury themselves in a game and I don't think they've got time to listen to my music.

''Their agenda is pretty full with all the other stuff, you know, so I like the idea of infiltrating into their agenda.''

The 'Hey Jude' singer admitted to trying his hand at the game but ''wasn't very good'' and his lives didn't last very long.

He confessed: ''I wasn't very good at it, but I'm not very good at games.

''I've got so much else to be getting on with, I can't have my face in a screen, you know, bopping along in a game.

''I had a go and it was great, but I got mashed almost instantly. The aliens mashed me.''

Paul previously appeared as a playable character in 'The Beatles: Rock Band' and even though he stuck to his own instrument, he still lost against his family.

He told NME magazine: ''I played that with my kids and they creamed me.

''I even played the bass thinking I'd have an edge, but it's all these little bombs coming at you and it's not like playing bass for real.

''I just said, 'It doesn't matter if I win or lose - I wrote it.' ''

'Hope for the Future' is released on December 8.