Why Was Paul McCartney late to Stella’s fashion show? Well, we may never know but at least when he did decide to show up, he did so with an appropriate degree of style and swaggered like a catwalk star to his seat in the front row to check out Stella Mccartney’s latest Paris fashion show. Stella may be 41 years old but she wasn’t prepared to let the runway show commence until her daddy was in the house. When the former Beatle did show up, around half an hour later than the scheduled star, according to Associated Press, he was overheard to say “walk, walk, walk like a model” and sashayed over to his front row seat, joining U2s Bono for one of the best views in the house.

As for the show itself, Stella McCartney unveiled a ready-to-wear collection that relied on texture and sculpted shapes; classic British tailoring with its game well and truly raised. A reimagining of the pinstripe suit was a highlight of the show and “her signature remained relaxed, with soft silhouettes and circular cuts in silk duchess and silk cloquet jacquard.” Backstage, McCartney commented “I wanted a refresh in a classical way… Women have a masculine side and if you tap into that, you find another part of yourself." 

Paul McCartneyStella McCartney

Paul McCartney (L) was late for his daughter Stella McCartney's (R) fashion show in Paris

Stella may well want to draft her dad in for a little help with her fashion designs, as punishment for his tardiness at her show. Antimusic.com have reported that a doodle drawn by McCartney when he was a teenager recently fetched £3764 ($5658) at auction. The doodle itself featured a series of faces with different expressions but we’re sure he could turn his artistic hand to some dresses and trousers and what-not.