Skunk Anansie singer Skin ran for her life as a storm hit Belgium's Pukkelpop Festival on Thursday (18Aug11), after the "mini-hurricane" sent a stage tower crashing down onto the band's truck.
The group was playing at the event when severe weather hit the site, sending fans and artists alike running for cover.
Superproducer Mark Ronson has already spoken of his horror as the storm caused one venue, where he was watching rockers the Smith Westerns, to cave in on the crowd, and now the Skunk Anansie frontwoman, real name Deborah Anne Dyer, has opened up about the terrifying tragedy, which killed at least five revellers and injured dozens more.
In a post on her page, she writes, "A burning hot day turned into a mini-hurricane. A tower fell on to our truck, we had to run for our lives mid-set as hail hit. This was the scariest moment I have ever seen."