Review of Are You Satisfied? Album by Slaves

Pseudo-anarchic duo Slaves have been whipping up a firestorm of good feedback since featuring in a BBC Sound of Music Poll and have aided their publicity with a tiresome spat with militants Sleaford Mods. The question is, can their new album 'Are You Satisfied?' frank the rhetoric with the tunes? Not really, is the short answer. 

Slaves Are You Satisfied? Album

Their anger, and misdirected and lacking wit makes for a jarring, repetitive listen, and there's an over-use of fuzz pedals. On tracks such as 'The Hunter' and 'Sockets' combine the unappealing aspects of early Kasabian and a paler imitation of the more humorous Audio Bullys. 

The album isn't completely intolerable; a change of tempo for 'Do Something' hints at an ability to diverge their sound and channel their angst in a more constructive fashion, as for the most part this album is ramshackle punk at best. 

A disappointing debut then, and one that certainly won't have Sleaford Mods feeling any requirement to raise their performance.  


Jamie Brannon

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