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Slipknot Biography

In '99, the spore called Slipknot exploded. Now, in 2002, the infestation continues. Hailing from the 'middle of nowhere' - Des Moines, Iowa - they are nine men in nine different masks united with one common goal: world domination. Fortified with an arsenal of blistering music saturated with screams, drums, searing riffs, sampling, scratches and melody, Slipknot's music runs the scale from eerily thought-provoking to utterly terrifying.

Their self-titled debut album went platinum in the US (the first in Roadrunner Records history) and gold in the UK, while their second IOWA topped the UK album charts last September. Slipknot, collectively, are DJ Sid Wilson, drummer Joey Jordison, bassist Paul Gray, percussionist Chris Fehn, guitarist James Root, sampler Craig Jones, percussionist Shawn Crahan, guitarist Mick Thomson and lead singer Corey Taylor (also known as 012345678, respectively).

The band went through various line-up changes, but always dominated their local scene before catching the eye of Roadrunner Records. Once Slipknot was unleashed on the world they were "the most talked-about band" (Rolling Stone) of that 1999's Ozzfest.

Slipknot has been called "the best live band in ten years”, but if you've never seen it, you wouldn't believe it. Millions of people can attest to that throughout the world. A murderous, rampaging free-for-all that threatens to engulf the entire venue, Slipknot is a sonic assault on all five senses that makes you wish you had a sixth.

Voted "Best International Live Act" by Kerrang! Magazine at their annual awards ceremony 2001, there is no stopping the madness spread by their masterful art of live performance.

Read Slipknot's Biography @
Read Slipknot's Biography @